For scale, the distance between the parallel tracks of the

‘Casablanca’ (1942): Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman’s romantic masterpiece, about a wartime club owner (Bogie) and his lover (Bergman), is still heartbreaker. Will we ever get over their last goodbye? Another Bogie winner is “The African Queen” (1951), which features his tender riverboat romance with Kate Hepburn. Both films are as good as they get.

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fake ray bans A dance step pattern is visible in the wheel tracks near the left edge of this scene recorded in stereo by the navigation camera during Sol 2554 on Mars (April 1, 2011). The pattern comes from use of a new technique for Opportunity to autonomously check for hazards in its way while driving backwards. For scale, the distance between the parallel tracks of the left and right wheels is about 1 meter (about 40 inches). fake ray bans

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replica ray bans Also, tell us what your favourite Geordie word is?I will be the adjudicator (and if there is a Geordie word for that I’d like to know it!) and my word is final, although I will enter into a friendly argument on any answer you take issue with.Just for the record, my Geordie slightly differs from Scott Dobson’s Geordie (maybe he was a bit posh).I have often heard it said that if you go to a village in Wales, as soon as the locals realise you’re English, they’ll start speaking Welsh.Of course it’s the opposite here. As soon as an outsider asks you something, you moderate your dialect and use proper English words so they can understand you.But where is it all going to end? Will Geordie exist only in little thin library books and will there become a time when we can’t even understand them?Although I am talking about Geordie here, I am flying the banner for all great British accents.But wait, there is still hope yet. I found loads of websites, including the dear old BBC, giving lessons in Geordie.Is this the start of the fight back?Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterNostalgiaNorth Shields memories: The Fish Quay, Smith’s Dock, the old pubs, Stan Laurel and moreFrom fish and coal to shopping and tourism, the story of North Shields reveals a town rich in character and historyCelebsNo Strings on help, it’s the Full MontyGet his home phone number replica ray bans.

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