As of now, there still no word on when the movie may go into

She made a lot of money, she accomplished what she set out to do. You get to a point Designer Replica Hermes, especially in this business, when you have to start looking at things and she loves acting,” White said.”She loves acting, she good at it and if she dedicates herself to it, she be even better at it.”Rousey was actually expected to film at least two different movies during her year long hiatus from the UFC after losing to Holly Holm last November Hermes Belts Replica, but neither one materialized.Rousey was cast as the lead in a remake of the cult classic film “Road House” but the project floundered after Nick Cassavettes was hired to write and direct the movie. As of now, there still no word on when the movie may go into production or if it been shelved by the studio.The other project was a film called “Mile 22” where Rousey would star alongside Mark Wahlberg.

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