“Eli has suffered some brain damage as a result of his cardiac

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Miller”. Kickass. In an update on a GoFundMe page set up for boy family, his mother has posted an update on her little boy Eli recovery. He had suffered a cardiac arrest after being bitten three times.He was collecting eggs from the family chicken pen in Agnes Water on September 26 when he was bitten.Eli mother Brittany last night posted “Eli is no longer considered “Fighting for his life”. Our amazingly strong little man is off ventilation and prepping for a move out of ICU and into a neurology ward as early as tomorrow.”The post was put up about 8pm last night and included the future prospects of Eli recovery.”Eli has suffered some brain damage as a result of his cardiac arrest and subsequent lack of oxygen to the brain,” Brittany posted.”We won know the extent until he starts to come too a bit more.”He is very sensitive at the moment, very easily over stimulated.”Speaking with Neurology Dr today, she is gathering her team to run all his necessary tests and start his rehabilitation ASAP. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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