In April, developer Konover South filed preliminary plans with

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Fake Bags 10. 1 are expected to go before the City Commission in February Replica Handbags, Fort PiercePlanning Director Rebecca Grohall said.Grohall said Aldi has been looking for about two years for a location in the city.”We’re trying to open as many stores as possible,” said Jordan Ford, director of real estate for Aldi after the planning board meeting. “I’d say we’d break ground probably in summer or fall.”A timeline of when Indian River County could get its first Aldi is less certain.In April, developer Konover South filed preliminary plans with the county to build an Aldi in a proposed plaza on a 9.5 acre lot between the Applebee’s and Sonny’s BBQ on State Road 60 near the Walmart Supercenter.Updated plans for the proposed “Vero Beach Square” plaza will be reviewed by Indian River County’s Technical Review Committee Jan. Fake Bags

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