Celebrities themselves are protected by agents and publicists

3 trillion of citizen wealth goes to support your fears

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Replica Designer Belts 11, 2017. 11, 2017. 11, 2017. That has changed, of course, but so has Calgary’s head count which, at 1.15 million, has nearly tripled in the intervening 37 years.The representation issue has surfaced haphazardly on the city’s political radar in the last couple of terms.”[More councillors] is a question we’ll have to grapple with as our population continues to explode,” he wrote in reply to a poster decrying Calgary’s low representation ratio.Calgary certainly leads Replica Belts Designer Replica Belts, or trails, depending on how you look at it, the pack when it comes to civic representation.The city has one councillor per 80,000 residents. Well ahead of Edmonton (one per 68,000), Vancouver (60,000) Replica Belts, Toronto (59,000), Winnipeg (44,000) and Hamilton (35 Replica Belts,000).Paul Fairie, who teaches political science at the University of Calgary, says financial pressures mean more councillors two extra seems to be the working consensus among observers will likely have to be introduced soon.”The argument against is smaller government, we should spend less, but the problem is once you start having to serve 80,000 or 90,000 people per ward you end up having to hire more staff to do constituency calls so it ends up at a certain point not really saving very much money at all.”Do you think Calgary needs more city councillors?Royce Koop, assistant professor in politics at the University of Manitoba, says Calgary has “the worst of both worlds” in its representation.”Councillors are expected to be constituency representatives but they’re given these really big wards and they have to struggle.”Fewer representatives work better in places like British Columbia, Koop says, where cities elect councillors “at large” rather than to represent geographic wards.”Councillors in Vancouver are a very different kind of animal. They really are like directors on a board of directors.”If you’re going to expect [councillors] to be representative like MLAs or MPs then you have to give them manageable ridings.”Ray Jones, recently re elected as councillor for Ward 5 in Calgary’s northeast, can lay claim to the most populous patch on council.His constituency rocketed up from 79,000 in 2012 to 94 Replica Designer Belts,000 this year when the boundary with neighbouring ward 3 was adjusted to give Jim Stevenson some breathing space from an electorate nudging 100,000 residents.Jones is unequivocal on councillor numbers.”We need more,” he says.”I don’t know how one person can represent a city the size of Red Deer and expect good representation Replica Designer Belts.

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